Royalty Brand Athletics unites the leaders in education, health, technology, and media, to positively impact physical literacy. RBA is successfully engaging students and their families with interactive programs to promote healthy living and physical activity.

One way in which RBA accomplishes this is through our All-Star Competitive Cheer Program. Starting out as a new program from “Ground Zero” Latizzia coached the new competitive cheer program in 2012 through 2014 into 24 first place victories! During the 2015 & 2016 seasons,  Coach Latizzia’s Cheer Team’s winning streak continued with an additional five – 1st place victories,  one 2nd place victory, one 3rd place victory and one 4th place victory.  Such accomplishments were all achieved while coaching and mentoring well over 100 athletes throughout the course of seven years.

Thus The Birth of …Royalty Brand Athletics.


Our Mission


Our mission is to improve the health of our community, and we have a long-standing history of partnering with other organizations to improve community health and safety. We believe it is our responsibility to serve the health needs of the youth in our community.